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Maho by Rebyo


• I like and accept to draw :
+ Mostly OCs
+Fanarts (depending on the manga/anime)
+Anime style, Chibi style
+Couples, Lovers, Friends, Yuri
+ Soft nudes, Erotic 
• I refuse to draw :
+ Violence, Mecha, Yaoi

(This price is for non-commercial purpose, and doesn't include Paypal fee. Please remember to cover the Paypal fee for me when you send the payment. In case you want a commercial commission, please send me a note for my commercial rate.)

• Chibi Style: 
10-20$ per single character
+Background: 5-10$ depending on the level of details.
Yc by Rebyo
Black Bullet by Rebyo
Miqo'te N Au'ra by Rebyo

• Colored Portrait: 
15 - 25$ per single character
+15$ per addition character
+Background: 5-30$ depending on the level of details.
N~Y~A~N by RebyosUCY by Rebyo
Bad Lady by Rebyo20162410 by Rebyo

• Colored half-body:

 25 - 35$ per single character, depend on details.
+20$ per addition character
+Background: 5-30$ depending on the level of details.
Bell by RebyoRuler by RebyoMaho by Rebyo

RxY by RebyoJinx x Lux by RebyoClear by Rebyo

• Colored full-body: 

35 - 50$ per single character, depend on details.
+30$ per addition character
+Background: 5-40$ depending on the level of details.

Uya [Commission] by RebyoAmaranth by Rebyo
[C]After The Fighting by RebyoNight by Rebyo
Kya by Rebyo

Design character
 40 - 60$ per single character, depend on details.
40~70$ per character sheet - 3 simple pose ( front, back, profile view )
+ 5$ per expression addition
Izack and Cho by Rebyo

[ ] by Rebyo
Aryneir by Rebyo


$80 for SFW version ( 2 full-body artwork same pose)

$100 for SFW version ( 2 full-body artwork different pose)

$100 for NSFW version ( 2 full-body artwork same pose)

$120 for NSFW ( 2 full-body artwork different pose)

For commercial use : $150 for same pose, $200 for different pose.

(Since you will be selling my artwork, I hope you guys will understand this price.)

Size : 150cm x 50cm ( Will change it if you ask ).

1 week - 2 week, if I can complete it soon, I will send to you immediatly.

- Paypal only
-I will start sketch after received info, then send it to you with price.
- You have to pay in advance (half-price of comission) or you can pay all before I start working on the artwork.
- My paypal email:

If you want a commission/have any question about my commission, please feel free to send me a note.
If you don't use DA, you can send info to my email: 
Please fill in this form to give me the info:
- Type of commission: 
- Character(s)' info: Name, age, height, color, personality etc.
- Other information: BG/poses/other infos 
- Paypal email: to make sure I receive the payment from the right person

Please refrain from giving me a long history of your character(s) though. Please give me only the info you think will be necessary for the drawing.

-Do not edit/change the artwork without my permission. 
-No refunds on finished artworks.
-I have the right to refuse a commission. 
-It is okay for you to upload it to personal picture albums such as photobucket or facebook, but you must credit my deviantArt page visibly in the title/description of the upload.

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dagothagahnim Featured By Owner May 25, 2017
I'm interested in getting a colored full-body with a background! I'll be sending you an email, I don't check on here too often but I check email constantly from work.
soul-xc Featured By Owner Edited May 18, 2017
how much would it be for to make a logo of a anime guy falling down from the sky with the word night-fall a cross of it. the front of the body will be looking up as he fall down. i should say his body will be horizontal. how big it need to be is at less to fit in channel art area in youtube.
in the back of a youtube channel art spot. need to have color and night time background  the guy won't need to be big he at less 1/8 big in the middle of the word night fall
the guy need to have white hair. black coat. i need one side of them to have a scythe in his hand, i will send a pic of the scythe drawn of what the scythe need to look like.
hentaiagent Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
Hi. Love your work. I'd like to hire you, for a NSFW project.
Of course it won't all be NSFW, but some of it will.

At this stage I'm creating concept art for several of the girls in the game.
pastel-catte Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! How long do you think your commissions will be open for?
Rebyo Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2016   Digital Artist
Hi, I still keep the commission open, I'm gonna start a new term at university so when it too busy, the slot will be limited.
Kimimochi Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, your art is amazing..
hope somebody will buy a commish! <3
(if I had paypal and money I would buy one ;A; )
Rebyo Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016   Digital Artist
Thank you, I hope so :D
Kimimochi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no probs <3
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